Profile: Ethic Oil


Founded by Gemma Griffin and Louis Hurd in early 2017, Ethic Oil Ltd is a Manningtree based, accredited, Used Cooking Oil recovery and recycling specialist.  Ethic Oil’s Collection Team service’s the full spectrum of the hospitality and food production industries.  Collecting from catering vans to commercial kitchens, sports stadiums and local government sites.  We are very proud to say that 100% of the used cooking oil we collect and refine is used in the production of renewable energy.  

“Although based in Essex, our hearts are very much based in Suffolk.  Both Gemma and I were born, bred and currently reside in Ipswich Town.  Along with our partners at Vertas Environmental, we are happy to offer our support to this excellent cause, while simultaneously working towards building a more sustainable future for Suffolk” 

Louis Hurd, Director.

Alexander Baxter